Claire DeLeon

Director of Marketing and Communications

YMCA San Francisco

"Nica’s expertise in strategy is evident from her fantastic results; her leadership on the Y of SF website build made the change project fun, efficient and very effective. I am sure that to work with Nica is to learn from her, because her talent in both creative direction and business strategy is unique and awe-inspiring. Nica is exactly who you would want on your team to take on any challenge. 

What I appreciated most about Nica’s approach, aside from the joy it was to work with her, is that she balanced practical and attainable with inspiration and dreams; her influence inspired ongoing learning and higher standards of quality in our teams. Working with Nica was truly a gift; she was supportive beyond my expectations throughout the very successful project. It’s my honor to highly recommend her leadership."

Catherine Muriel

VP Digital Strategy


"Nica did an amazing job helping CooperVision with its global web strategy. She facilitated workshops, researched international requirements, and delivered design templates flexible enough to serve 38 responsive country sites. The sites have succeeded in supporting the business and communication objectives, providing the foundation of CooperVision's digital presence world wide.

Nica is collaborative and pleasant to work with. She is really good at putting complicated concepts into plain English and showing the client how the site would work."

Dan Gruidel

Global and Solution Marketing Executive


"Nica was our lead website strategist and UX visionary from Chapter Three. Working closely with a cross functional team, Nica provided vision, leadership, and responded with a project that delivered. I am not talking about being on time, on budget, and working. I am talking about elevating our brand, delivering a better user experience, and delivering an improved product along with improved results. Oh, and it was on time, worked, and was under budget. In fact, on the anniversary of our launch– we compiled our analysis and website analytics and learned that we tripled many of our key financial targets and doubled every website metric we considered important! 

Nica is a valued expert and someone who wakes up with the goal to do great work and to inspire people. And in the end she truly makes all the people around her better. Nica worked directly for Nexant while she was at Chapter Three providing valuable insight and opinion. Her leadership was instrumental in our project and her ability to communicate unique market insight and technical knowledge were a major factor in our project's success. Nica employs many endearing qualities and one that stands out is her passion to do great work and to deliver a world class product - a product and experience that she is personally proud to put her name on. I really enjoyed working with Nica and I am happy to give her an overwhelming recommendation." 

Sara Gonzalez


San Francisco State University

"Nica, you are an amazing and very engaging instructor. I can tell that you know a lot about the subject. You provided us with very insightful information about how websites work and how filmmakers use the web to market their movies. Even if the class was heavily based on web design, it had very useful things about marketing that we don't learn anywhere else. In fact, I am already using some of the things that you thought us on one of my projects.  As a Cinema student whose main focus is on production, I see a lot of value in classes that teach us about the business part of filmmaking. I wish the Cinema Department would offer more classes like this."